E-Turquoise Affair


Size 8 – 10. Bust: 40. Waist: 34. Sleeve and length are 25. The base fabric is superb. It is called stretch crepe. It is a four way stretch, it is soft, and it is very smooth. This is an excellent base fabric for horse show apparel as it is heavy enough to support the applique and yet extremely stretchy for comfort. The trim colors are slate, black, and light turquoise. Crystals correspond in slate, jet, aqua, and a/b. The a/b stones have a turquoise shade to them as they are next to the turquoise base. The shirt is lavishly decorated with hematite triangles and turquoise teardrops. This set will be knock out with a sorrel or all shades of chestnut horses. Great too on a red roan! Look at how flattering the applique lines are.

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