E-Trudy French Tan Vest with Black and Gold Foil Trim

$1,750.00 $995.00

Size 8. Bust: 38. Waist: 32. Sleeve: 25. Length is 21. This is a French tan vest with antique gold brooches and gold foil trim. Gold crystals top the gold foil pieces and jet stones top the black swirls. This comes with a black cotton shirt. Detachable gold fringe topped with gold and a/b crystals Velcro in at the shoulders. Round textured jet stones are placed throughout the pattern. For super sparkle Trudy has placed large a/b triangle sew on stones. Gold domed nailheads cot the edges of the black swirls. This vest is very clean and in nice repair. I If I were to buy this vest I would buy a Showtime black debutante shirt to go under it. The black cotton shirt is not as nice as the vest deserves.

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