$4,950.00 $2,800.00

Size 8. Bust: 38. Waist: 32. Sleeve: 25. Length: 24. Jacket base is tan fabric and painted red over white. The black is black fabric. All the red color on this jacket is done with airbrushed paint and red beads, crystals. The jacket pattern swirls from left to right in a flowing pattern. The center panel and right side has a base of light tan. Crystal colors are multi shades of gold with multiple shapes. Large teardrops in hematite and black pair with oval red faceted stones. There is a bit of gray in this jacket for a cool contrast. Large sewn on cosmic stones are clear and really sparkle. This jacket has a traditional collar and a slight opening at the front.  Be sure and zoom on the back picture and look at the brilliant ruby teardrops! Sparkling.