E-Showtime Black and White Jacket


Size 8. Bust: 38. Waist: 32. Sleeve: 22 1/2. Back length: 23. This is a bright white base that is topped with black elongating swirls.  Ladies, this jacket is in perfect shape. It is probably 8 years old. It washed up perfectly. It has not one mark or stain. All the crystals are sewn on and they are ALL still on. Why go buy an expensive new piece with big plastic glued on it when you can have a classy and beautiful piece. This jacket is timeless. It is stunning in the arena. Black and silver crystals edge each black swirl. Tiny clear stones in a rope edge are also placed by the black swirls. The collar and cuffs are white, white, white. I just put this in a laundry bag and sprayed it down on the collar and cuffs. It is like a brand new jacket. The base fabric is a 4 way stretch and it has all of the original seam allowance. This will last for years if you keep it clean.

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