E-Purple Powerhouse


Size 8.  Bust 37-38, waist 34, sleeve 25, back length 24.5  Base fabric is a purple two way slight stretch.  The base of this vest is a beautiful bright purple.  While some purples can be a little dark, this shade is a knock out.  This lines are lavender, black, white and silver.  Always a figure flattering style with Showtime!  I’m crazy about the hematite large baguette and teardrop crystals on this combo.  We used AB’S, silver hematite, jet hematite, two shades of purple and jet to make this one really pop.  I had difficulty photographing it because it was so sparkly!  If you look at the picture closely on the sleeve of the shirt there are sparkle reflection on the solid colored fabric.  The shirt is a lovely shade of lavender with black trim.  The shirt could be worm by itself.  This vest could have black, white or silver shirts made to match too!

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