D-Sensational Shape

$4,995.00 $1,750.00

Size 6. Bust: 36. Waist: 30. Sleeve: 25. Length: 24 1/2. A beautifully shaped black and white jacket has black sides and black inside sleeves. The collar is a lapel style and is not low cut. Parallel lines of baguettes dot the collar and beautiful golden round beads are on the edge. Silver, gold, and creamy pearls are set with chain links and metal circles. Dark topaz beads pair with gold and white beads to set a defining line in the design. Gold links pair with gray polished beads and an antique gold coin. The back has clusters of gold links, pearls and a cool wooden good luck piece. Round granite pendants dot the back spine. They are so cool and very unique. These pendants are about the size of a silver dollar. Awesome and different!