D- Periwinkle Hand Painted Showtime Jacket


Size 6. Bust: 36. Waist: 28. Sleeve: 25. Length: 24. This jacket is a tried and true champion. It is in absolutely perfect shape. I freshly laundered this today and it is in as good shape was when new. The color is from beautifully shaded aqua and periwinkle paint. The base is white with periwinkle shading and jet black etched swirls. Crystals are all sewn on in jet, capri blue, and a/b. Swirls in sapphire high liht the multi toned base.  You can launder this jacket over and over and it will stay perfect. All the stones are hand sewn on and they still are on. This is a true testament to the Showtime quality. This jacket is probably 10 years old and looks just amazing. Kudos to my makers!

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