C-Two Times the Turquoise


Size 4. Bust: 34. Waist: 28. Sleeve: 25. Length: 24. Two shades of turquoise are paired with black and a splash of white. The vest has embroidery lines in green turquoise and a blue turquoise. Stones are multiple shades of turquoise and clear. The clear stones are triangles and rectangle baguettes. The shirt is bright white with a super flattering collar. Black triangles pair with clear triangles and stand out brightly again the white base. A double row of trim is done in a dark green turquoise and a softer blue turquoise.  The sides of this vest are black and lines of jet crystals. Very flattering. This vest is very well made. The physical construction is amazing. It made to last and something to wear for years with great pride.

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