C-Vest with Many Looks


Size 4. bust 34, waist 28, back length 22.  Bolero vest in dark Charcoal Gray with silver and black accents.  Edgy and fun.  Love the design!  The fringe at the bottom is encrusted in ombre crystals.  Hematite large triangles are awesome.  It has silver chains, pointed studs, square studs and and round.  It has good texture and is very detailed.  The design could be called “Classy Biker Chic”!  Its pictured with a black horsemanship top that can be worn alone or under the vest.  A white shirt pairs nicely too.  Mix and match shirts to give a new look every class.  The horsemanship can be ordered separately.  Its stock number is 1023HMS.  $1250.

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