C-Slate Vest with Aqua and White Shirts


Size 4. Bust: 34. Waist: 28. Sleeve: 24. Length is 23. This is a slate gray vest with aqua blue and a white fancy decorated shirts. Trim on the vest is aqua, and a black and white checker fabric inset. The trim in crystals are aqua teardrops, jet, and hematite. Round dark silver textured buttons are placed at the belted waist and on the upper shoulder. The aqua shirt has a collar with an aqua swirl and many silver and clear stones. Cuffs are decorated with silver flatback pearls and oodles of stones. The white shirt changes the look up a great deal. The shirt is bright white and edged in clear and jet stones along the collar and cuff. A pretty aqua teardrop pairs with gray silver flatback pearls. This is a stunning set in the arena. It is crisp and will get you noticed. Condition is terrific. Owner takes great care with her apparel.