C-Plum and Copper


Size 4. Bust: 34. Waist: 28. Length is 21 1/2. Sleeve length is 25 1/2. The vest is made of taffeta stretch fabric in a beautiful shade of pearlized plum. The fabric has a terrific sheen to it. Crystal colors are purple, a/b, jet, hematite and a/b. Base of the vest is black fringe with ombre crystaling. The stones are a/b, purple and into jet at the base. A/b teardrops and squares are sewn down over the upper body. Hematite rectangles are at the waist. The shirt is matte bright purple with a zip up front and zippers at the wrist. The collar and cuff of the shirt is the same fabric as the vest and edged in black. We have an exact match for a saddle pad. The pad is purple, black, white lighter purple, and a wee bit of purple metallic. It is really a terrific match. Pad price is $295.00.

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