C-Paula Brown SMS Jacket and Pant

$895.00 $195.00

Size 4. Bust: 34. Waist: 28. Sleeve: 25. Length: 26. Pant Inseam: 33. This is a chocolate brown jacket and pant suit set. The length is suitable for showmanship. The sleeves do have some extra length and you could remove the cuff if you would choose. The crystals are a/b and chalk white a/b. Round filigree silver pieces with brown stone centers are placed on the collar and cuffs. Nestle quik colored ultrasuede edges off white ultrasuede in the lines and swirls. Silver domed studs pair with hand sewn oval a/b pieces. The base is a light chocolate and has good stretch. The suit does have some age on it, but it is in good condition and much show life left. An original Paula piece at a very good price.

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