C- Mauve and Black Bolero

$2,500.00 $1,200.00


Size 4.  A fun colored Bolero. Mauve colored textrured faux gator is placed down the middle of chest and back.  Silver studs border the mauve colored design. Large triangular crystals are seen beside the zipper in the center of the front and back. Bottom of Bolero is decorated with clear beads sewn to hang as fringe, a really cool.  Top of shoulders have some of the same styled fringe adding more flare to the design. Jet crystals are placed through out the vest over the black base. White cutouts overlayed with clear crystals make sharp points and lines on the sides. This design really flows together and is flattering on the body. Collar is a continuation of the silver crystal design on the front and back, a really neat placement.

Little stretch. Bustb34. Waist 28.