C-Ballistic Bolero Vest and Top


Size 4. Bust: 33-34.Waist: 28. Check out the marvelous colors on this pretty bolero vest. Your shirt color options will be unlimited. Coral pieces pair with turquoise piece, which meld into royal blue. Several types of media, crystals, and stones are used on this vest. A pair of pretty brooches in matte antique gold have royal, green, and dark red stones set in.  Personally I would match this up with a light turquoise shirt and coral trim. At the neckline is a very pretty set of hematite stones set in silver. This is definitely going to get you noticed.  It has two inches of fringe around the waist that is crystaled in an ombre pattern.  Comes with a black back zip with a collar decorated to match.  The cuffs of the sleeves are lined with black crystals.

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