B-Make your Debut

$2,500.00 $1,400.00

Size 2. Bust: 32. Waist: 28. Sleeve and back length are 24. An eclectic color combination of dark tan, black, and light gray is displayed with flash. Crystals are stupendous. Domed gray pearls, pair with hand set a/b, hematite, gold, and jet are your colors. Hammered gold pieces are really cool and have jet stones set in an irregular cut out center. The base material is a 4 way stretch, so a nice comfort factor. The light gray color is done with airbrushing. Silver metallic theads edge the airbrushing. The larger stones are all hand sewn on. This jacket is easily cleaned. Dunk It! For real. Put right in your sink and rinse.  Of all the things about this jacket, I like the design the best. It is elongating and eye catching.